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I mentioned in the previous blog that I am thinking of writing a book on a simliar subject to Max Lucado’s It’s Not About Me book. I will let you know how work progresses on that book, I had a pretty significant idea for layout of the book today, which is the first step toward actually writing it. 🙂 Progress reports will most likely be posted here…

But… I have another book in mind, as well…

Would you buy a book of my best blogs? It was suggested to me that I should collect my blogs – just the better ones, the ones that apply to everyone, like, probably not all my complaining (or raving!) about the Buffalo Bills… If I was to compile 40 or so and put them in paperback book form and sell for between $9.99 and $12.99… would you buy it? You would get, (1) a book, instead of a computer screen, (2) an organized by topic collection of writings, (3) an edited (perhaps expanded) version of random & wandering thoughts from greg’s head (4) something to give to non-tech-savvy friends and family? My thinking is I will somehow publish a short run of books and then offer them through this blog page, and on

Would that interest you? Is that just silly?

Comments are welcome.

Stay tuned…


  1. Some questions, then: why are you writing the book? Is it because you just want to write a book or is it because you feel that you have a way to reach people with something new and different (or old, but in a new way)?

    I’d say go for something completely different – you’re a musician – why don’t you write a book about the experiences you’ve had with music and your travels, or maybe a book about how you use music to reach people, or open a store and sell Apple Computers (you seem to like those a whole lot, perhaps your enthusiasm would be contagious). Personally, I’d love to read a book about all of your travels and the way that God works in your life and the lives of others through them. What have you learned on the road? Who have you met? What does America look like from the eyes of a guy such as yourself?

    If you DO go for the blog book, I would, instead of selling a “book of blogs” as it were, use the ideas, edit them, put them into some kind of prose that flows from one topic to the next instead of editing stuff you’ve got online for free. But seriously man, have fun with it, whatever you do, and keep me posted 🙂 ~C


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