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I have been quite noticeably absent from this blog. Perhaps not as noticeably to you, but I have definitely noticed. I miss it, and hope to return to a place where I can take 15-20 minutes, or even most of an hour, and post my continuing thoughts on random things to this page.

I thought it would be cool to let you know what sorts of things I have been up to lately, though. I have not just slipped into a coma or anything like that…

  • Web Design
    This is primarily what I have been doing. From minor, behind-the-scenes sort of repairs and upgrades to several sites, to completely new designs and sites… I have been busy. Some of the latest sites are: Walkers Four Seasons (a recreational vehicles dealer), and a couple more you can’t see yet, since the clients aren’t making them public yet. (CheetahVision.com and EzzoTruth.com. Both could launch as early as this week.)
  • Newsvine
    This is a new thing, that I just discovered last week, and was just approved for today. It will essentially be another blog, but with connections. It’s a news aggregator site, but with it’s own writers. Me. I will be one, with my own column with original posts, as well as links to other news I find worth reading. The link (once public) will be gregshead.newsvine.com. Should be pretty cool.
  • A New CD?
    Today I spent a good deal of time refining our CD listings at CDBaby.com because they just finished processing our latest CD offering, PCTC 2005: Live at the Forum. Now, yes, we released that last year. So, no, it’s not really new. But, this CD at CDBaby is an EP version. It’s the 4 songs from that disc that we have full rights to. That way, through CDBaby, we can list them on iTunes and all the other digital music services. 🙂 We wanted to be able to offer those songs as well, and I finally came up with a way to do it! Stop by our CDBaby Page and click through to the new disc. There are a few bonuses at CDBaby with our music, so click around and read all our pages. You can even leave a review if you’d like. 🙂
  • Everyday06.blogspot.com
    Many of you are aware that I have been chronicling my everyday activities on my other blog (linked right above the latest entry on this page, and in my links in the sidebar). That has been interesting, but the real fun of that will be next year reading through all of that again. Will be fun to re-live it.
  • A New Book
    I’m sure there’s more, but probably the most fun thing I have been working on is my new book. Nearly one year after I published A Journey Shared, I am working on book #2 – currently titled, Life In The Rear-View Mirror. Still finalizing the subtitle. It’s been really fun putting it together. Reading through the blog archives, and seeing the themes that arise through months of writing. God was definitely teaching me things in specific areas of life last year. I am praying that this book, as I assemble and make them available in that format, will be an encouragement in this year to whomever God gets them to.

I know there’s more, but at the moment, I need to get to work on some other tasks related to my previous blog tonight. I’ll get back to a more normal rate here at GregsHead.net. Sooner than later, I hope.

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