State Of The Union Address

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Jen and I grabbed the laptop at about 10pm EST, finally able to watch the state of the union address. I figured by then it was probably over, and available somewhere on the internet. I did a quick search, and sure enough, at, I found a link to either the Windows Media version or Real Player. Being an Apple guy, I of course did not click the Windows Media option… 🙂

It started right up at the beginning of his speech! I was impressed. Either we have impeccable timing, or they had this thing like TiVo where, whenever you logged in, it started at the beginning! Very cool!

We listened as Bush covered the war in Iraq, the war on terror, the Patriot Act, and a strong economy due to tax cuts. All the right people were in the right places, but surprisingly, Condi Rice was absent while Colin Powell had a front row seat. We commented on that, but kept listening.

At one point, President Bush said it had been 28 months since September 2001. That’s when we both thought, “Huh??” Who writes these speeches???

The connection is fading now, and it’s not very easy to watch, so we head upstairs and try again. And to my chagrin, the Windows Media stream played better than the RealAudio one, so, I had to actually choose a Microsoft product!!! For shame!! But, we wanted to watch, so we plugged the laptop into our TV and popped WMP into full screen mode and sat back and listened again.

Powell was in the front row. Only twenty-eight months had passed since Sept. 2001 (we still couldn’t figure out how he got that one…) but we still thought nothing of these glitches.

Then, Bush said, last month, Libya gave up it’s weapons of mass destruction program.


We had a good laugh, and turned off the TV. We’ll try again tomorrow.


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