Which God Did This?

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I am working on a website for a video that some friends of mine had a big part in making. The video is being produced by a former member of the Mormon church who has since discovered evidence upon evidence that what the Mormons teach just does not hold up. The video is very thorough, and very condemning. I live in the town where Mormonism began, and I didn’t know a lot of the stuff presented there.

The purpose of the video is to give current members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS, Mormons) the chance to review all of the available information, and, to hopefully get away from a false religion. There is a plea at the end of the video to the leaders of the Mormon church to lead their followers into truth. As I said, it’s all very convincing.

Part of me just cringes when we try to make someone else think like we do. The other part completely agrees with what was said in the video, and I do wonder how anyone could “be a Mormon” after thinking through the info presented there.

Then, today, I came across a video on YouTube of an interview with radio personality, Glenn Beck. I was aware that Glenn was a Mormon, and never really thought too much about it. His show is certainly entertaining, and I enjoy listening to it when I can. I also knew he had at some point made big changes in his personal life. I was not aware they were so connected to his conversion to Mormonism, however.

So, there’s a part of the video where he describes how the Mormon church had changed his life, and almost immediately following his baptism, things began to miraculously fall into place for him. He attributes it to God’s hand in his life. Funny… when that happens to me… so do I! But wait… if Mormonism is false, inaccurate, and begun by a shady character named Joseph Smith … Glenn & I can’t be doing life with the same God, can we? The things that he thinks God is arranging for him… has to just be demonic, right???

I think I may have thought that a few years ago. I don’t now. I continue to learn that God loves everyone. Everyone. God arranges for good things to happen, life-changing things to happen, for Christians, Mormons, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists, and even Democrats. (That was for you, Mom) 😉 It IS the same God… He is THE ONLY ONE.

So, while Glenn may be confused (as I believe he is) on the historical side of things, and on who God is and how he operates, I believe that it was God – the same one I know – who arranged events in his life to get him to where he is now. Yes, even “though” he is a Mormon.

I don’t think God waits for us to “get things right” before he leads, guides, blesses, and just actively loves us. He just does. God did not send his son into the world to condemn the world, but to save it. That’s how much he loves everyone… no matter what we are trapped in.

When I look at it, I’m not sure we have that right. We are better at loving either after a change has been made, or, in order to make a change.

So, anyway… that’s my thoughts for the day. Enjoy the video. Do post your thoughts if you are so inclined.


  1. Sometimes God loves us through showing us His Truth through a conversation, a phone call, a tv program, a podcast, or a video. 🙂 He definitely does not wait for us to get it right, since we never can!! But Jesus was very clear to those who followed him about who he is and how to be in relationship with the Father. There is nothing greater- no greater blessing– no circumstances that can compare with knowing God and his unconditional love. Glenn may have experienced some life changing events that he is attributing to his conversion to Mormonism and God– and I do not discount that God is involved– but I pray for him that he will experience the most life changing Truth of all…that JESUS is the WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE, and that we can know God even as we are fully known by God. He loves Glenn so much that he will do whatever he can so that Glenn knows that love– but there is an enemy that wants to keep as many as he can from that truth. He does it to believers who try to clean themselves up with religion, and he does it with those who have not experienced God’s grace, by deceiving them into thinking God is blessing them by their living or actions. So many believe that “my life is going better, he must be blessing me because I have finally got it right”. Mormonism teaches that– not the truth that God blesses and loves no matter what. Mormons and so many others miss the greater blessing thatjust knowing HIM is.

    Anyway, that video is being made because of the love many people have for Mormons, it is definitely not witholding love until they “get it right”. And it can be especially related to how Paul felt about the Judaizers in Galatians who were being deceived by false teaching and going back to slavery and bondage that would never lead to the life and love God intended. In modern times Joseph Smith is the one who has perverted the gospel of Christ and has successfully thrown many people into confusion. Those producing the video have the same passion as Paul in their desire to tell the truth about the grace of God and bring to light the questionable history and beliefs of the LDS church. Mormons do not have the ability to question for fear of being shunned and losing their lives as they know them.

    Greg, you said, “Glenn & I can’t be doing life with the same God, can we?” There is only one god, we know that, but we also know that we have access to “doing life” with him through his son Jesus Christ, something that only the real God could do. Without Jesus, we can’t really “do life” with God. That doesn’t negate his love or active role in our lives, but we can’t fully participate in the relationship. I pray that Glenn, Christians, Mormons, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Buddhists (and even Democrats!) know that there is nothing greater than doing life with the God of the universe every day, and living in the knowledge that we are his precious treasure and nothing can separate us from his love.


  2. This post was interesting. If you have questions on our belief system, feel free to ask.
    For instance, Christ is the center of all that I am, believe, trust, know to be true… he is my all.

    If you question the validity of the Book of Mormon (which of course you would as a non Latter Day Saint) The the best way to decipher truth on that subject would be to read it, and then ask God if it is true or not. I believe prayers are answered, mine have been, I know yours have. Don't let men tell you something that is between you and your maker.
    If you desire those of us who are seemingly befuddled in our faith to watch this life changing video, then you should in turn be willing to read our book that we feel is life changing. 😉
    Mormons do not go to war over beliefs. We let others do as they wish, no one need join if the do not desire, no one need stay if they do not desire. No one. We do because of the peace, the truth, the love of our Savior so readily felt in the gospels teachings. And a video on you tube (which will just be all the same stuff I have heard a hundred times) will not change that.
    Dinner was nice.


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