What Ever Happened To Steve?

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SteveWe have kids. Lots of ’em. And they all like Blue’s Clues. As do we. We even don’t mind Joe, who replaced the un-replaceable Steve a couple years back now. Steve is definitely the best.

Well, not really sure why, but this morning I decided to Google “what happened to blues clues steve”. Turned out to be quite a funny/interesting webventure.

Turns out that Steve just decided after episode 100 of Blue’s Clues, that it just wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He’s a musician at heart, apparently, and decided to pursue that. He released an indie record in 2002 I think? And is currently working on a new one (though the dates on his website seem to be pretty old… so not sure about that.)

I just found it fascinating to see “Steve” rockin’ out in a music video (his own song) on a Steve Burns fan site.


Life moves on I guess. Good for Steve. Funny story from his “Press” page on his website:

One Spring afternoon in 1999, Steve Burns was on his way to a date. He was driving through New Jersey, fighting jitters, primping in the rearview, when something on the side of the road caught his eye; a mailbox with blue cartoon paw prints on it and a message that read YOU JUST FIGURED OUT JONATHAN’S BIRTHDAY! While most rock singers would have shrugged off such fleeting details, Burns recognized them as symbols revered by millions of Americans – Americans under four feet tall and on a first name basis with Steve Burns.

“It was obviously a Blue’s Clues party,” says Burns, who was, in fact, the host of Blue’s Clues, one of the most popular children’s programs in television history. He glanced at the toys and props left in his car after a recent charity performance. The khaki pants. The iconic green-and-olive striped rugby shirt.

“I gotta do it,” he said.

He met his date, changed clothes, and drove back to the party. “We just showed up with the toys and knocked on the door,” says Burns, a slight 30-year-old sipping a latte in and airy Brooklyn cafe. “I was like ‘Hey!’ ” His narrow face and big, dark eyes bloom into the fully dilated character beloved worldwide. ” ‘Who’s Jonathan?’ The kids were, like, ‘Cool! Steve’s here!’ ” So Burns loped around, clowned with the youngsters, dispensed toys, and refused cash from the bewildered dad. It was a magic little moment – a kindhearted breach in the space-time continuum – and we sit silent for a second, contemplating it.

It would be strange being a rockstar to 3-year-olds everywhere… 🙂

For you Steve fans out there… here are some pertinent links I stumbled across today:
Steve Burns – Wikipedia
Steve Burns (Band) MySpace Page


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