Seven Years of Published Words

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Sometimes I like dates. Dates are fun. Remembering the date of birth of people you love. Celebrating the date of special events along your path of life thus far, whatever they may be. I even like to celebrate weird holidays like, Flag Day (Jun 14), Canada Day (Jul 1), Boxing Day (Dec 26), and Three King’s Day (Jan 6).

Dates are fun.

Today’s date is August 26th. Somehow this date sticks in my head as a fun day to celebrate. It was the day I first posted to this blog. 🙂

That may not seem significant, but to me, a writer at heart (and in deed?) it seems a day worth celebrating.

Life may be busy these days—no, life is busy these days—and the content may be flowing a bit more slowly at, but there have been a few posts or articles worth reading again.

So what better way to celebrate the passing of another year of published words than to read those published words? Below are a few posts from the past year that, if you have the time, might be worth a second (or third, or fourth) read.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading along these seven years and counting.

Incredible People – William Wilberforce
No Strings Attached
Feeling Loved, and Lovable
The (True) Fundamental Transformation of America
Blessed Are Those Who Want Everyone To Be Treated Right

(There are more, of course… but I’m going to stop with my list. If you’d like to see more, use the Related Posts feature at the end of every post. It’s a pretty nifty little tool!)

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