[From The Archive] Life Is In The Moments

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Highlighting Articles from the GregsHead.net Archives!It’s been a while since I’ve added any posts to this series “From The Archive“. There are a few reasons I am doing so today.

First, I am coming up on ten years of blogging. That’s a good chunk of writing on “the internets”. Almost a million words written, nearly two thousand posts. That sure is a lot to sift through! So one way to find stories that may have been somehow missed is this From The Archive tag/series. Just click on that link (or the image of the Archive) to see more.

Stay tuned… next month I hope to unveil a really, really neat way to read through all the content I’ve posted here through the first decade. It should be a really enjoyable way to browse through the content by year, month, topic, and other ways to be determined. Coming August 2013.

Second, this is just a great story! If you have little ones you’ll certainly identify. If you don’t, I bet you still will.

So many times we let life pass us by, missing the moments of beauty because of a sense of duty.

But life truly is in the moments.

Please take a moment and read this, even if you’ve read it before. May it bring a smile to your face and heart this day.

And may you breathe in the moment you are in, and see the gift from God that it is.

From the Archive: Life Is In The Moments

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