Carpet From God, TV and Other Web Fun

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Well, most of the clean up is done, and a neat-o story from today is…

I called a carpet-laying friend of ours today during a break from cleaning up and asked if he possibly had any scraps of carpet he’d be OK to part with. I told him the situation, and that we had lost all but really one of the scraps of carpet we had formerly been using. He sort of chuckled when he said, “[My partner] just called 10 minutes ago, from a job he’s doing, and asked if I knew of anyone who could use the carpet he just ripped up.” Awesome. That was a fun piece of good news.

I like good news.

Speaking of news… while I was away from my computer…

A (cool) Morphable Model of 3D Faces
AppleTV is Now Shipping
Apple Sent Out a Special Invitation

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