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Today as I was running an errand or two around our small town, I noticed that some people probably see our home a bit differently than we do.

First you have the tour guides, some of whom may even live near here year-round, who guide the happy tourists who come from all over. And, obviously, you have the tourists, who come from every corner of the globe. But, mostly from Utah. Then you even have the yellow t-shirt mob of Christians who, with the best intentions, have come to crash the party for the misguided Mormons.

And all of this takes place on the streets of our usually quiet little town.

It’s really very odd, and for a moment today I tried to imagine what it is like to visit this place not realizing that 50.5 weeks of the year it’s just “home” to a few thousand regular folk, like we the Campbells. And, if those tour guides are just flying in for the little 10 day site-seeing marathon… what do they think of our humble home town?

All the world is a stage, yes, but for 10-12 days in July, center stage in the lives of anyone connected to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Palmyra, NY!

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