I Believe In The Holy Catholic Church…

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The PopeIf you have not heard, the Pope decided recently to pull back the reins a bit on those loosey-goosey Catholics, and get back to the things that really made Catholics, well… Catholic.

Not only did he decide to do Mass in Latin once again (I think it’s called the “Tridentine Mass”), now he has said that the Catholic church is the only true church, based on apostolic authority (they think Peter was the first Pope, appointed by Jesus). All other churches are at best, deviations from the true church.

Isn’t that crazy??

I do have more to say, but… it’s late. So, here are some links. Form (and voice, if you care to) your own opinion. Perhaps I’ll comment more later…

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  1. Not to be crude, but am I the only one who thinks that a “tridentine mass” sounds more like some kid’s used gum on the underside of a table than a holy service celebrating God?


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