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I was inspired to write a fairly long post from a conversation I had over the weekend at about 1:30am last night. Just after 2am I was done and ready to post it, but wanted to change the title. I tabbed through the fields of this page here, and went to far, so I quickly tabbed through again… and whatever I did… froze the webpage up in some strange loop. 🙁 I did manage to take a screen shot of the final three paragraphs, so perhaps I can piece the article back together from that?

Or, maybe not.

But, that was a disappointing start to the day (and finish to last night, though I was hopeful it would work itself out.) I went to bed last night though asking God to fix it if it was worth fixing. It wasn’t fixed, so… I guess it wasn’t worth the read. 🙂

(I still may re-work the thoughts that I posted though in a new article. Now if THAT one freezes up… I’ll know to drop the subject!) 🙂

(For those of you (Uncle Jim…) who would like to take the opportunity to say that it wouldn’t have happened on a “PC”… HA!!! HA HA!!! Go ahead and have your fun, but this is the first time that has happened to me, and it could be as much Blogger’s site as my browser… so there!)

Whew. I feel better now. 😉

Interesting start to the week… let’s see what comes next. 🙂

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