Recommendation: Up by Pixar

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A week or two ago we all watched the Pixar movie, “Up” together as a family. It was fun to see how it kept nearly everyone’s attention throughout, with lots of fun moments sprinkled through an emotionally touching story.

I don’t use those words lightly!

When it was over, Kirstie (our 5 year old) and Julia (our 3 year old) were both crying! A lot! (Note: the funny thing was, there were some sad story lines throughout the movie, but it does end up on a relatively happy note…) Now, it could be that they were tired, too, but they were definitely affected by this story!

Pixar continues to amaze me. In an era when we really don’t want our kids to watch any movies or TV shows because of the messages they convey—directly or indirectly—Pixar makes movies that are not only “OK” to watch, they are actually helpful!

I don’t want to give away the story line, so I’ll just say that “Up” is another endearing story with many teachable moments, and just plain FUN! Many hilarious, laugh-out-loud moments. (I mean that literally, not the “texting” version of that phrase…) I don’t think I could recommend a movie more.

AND, for those of you who still have room to buy stuff for Christmas (or still need to buy stuff for Christmas…) you can click on the DVD cover in this post and click over to the digital version from Amazon and get it delivered in time for Christmas. (I don’t know if they can still get the DVD there on time…) Or, there’s always iTunes


(PS… for the adults… we also highly recommend Star Trek! Another fine movie from 2009!)

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