[Song For The Day] God Knows

Come As You Are
Come As You Are

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With this being the 7th anniversary week of the release of Come As You Are, I mentioned that we Campbells decided to move that album into our Currently Playing playlist on our iPod. It was fun to hear some of those songs again. Not only were the recordings better than I remembered (you always tend to remember the parts you wish you had done better…) it was fun to talk about what the songs said about who God is, too. Before each song I’d say to the kids, “OK kids, listen to the words and then at the end you can tell us what you learned about God from the song.” It was really cute (and awesome) to hear their answers!

I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the songs we liked best from our recent listen. All week I’ll post a song (via the magic of Grooveshark.com) that you can listen to, and a link to purchase the song or album from iTunes or us. You don’t have to buy it… since you can just listen to the whole thing right here at GregsHead.net … but if you don’t have the album, we have a bunch of CDs sitting in boxes that would be better off sitting in your music player of choice. 🙂

Enjoy the first installment (which is also the first song I ever wrote!) … God Knows.

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