Am I A Heretic if…

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Am I a heretic if I am not concerned about the point of salvation, but rather the Person of Salvation?

Am I a heretic if I think the time and place and method of Jesus’ return comes in a distant second to the fact that he IS going to return?

Am I a heretic if I think that we need to care more about loving all of the different parts of God’s body rather than getting them all to think alike?

Am I a heretic when I say Jesus was not as concerned what his doctrine was but who his doctrine affected?

Am I a heretic if I don’t really care WHEN we get the Holy Spirit, I am just awed that God himself chooses to live in me?

Am I a heretic if I am not as concerned with HOW God does stuff but just simply THAT He does stuff? And amazing stuff at that?

I hope I am not a heretic.

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  1. thanks for the shameless plug via ben’s blog – i read it, and am in full agreement. i already know in a lot of people’s eyes that if they knew the real me and my thoughts i’d be a heretic or a crazy liberal, one or the other. 😛 who cares what they think? i’m over it.


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