Woo Moode Oop Oo Noo Loongooge

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The other night when we were having dinner, we decided to invent a new language. I can’t remember exactly how it started, but somehow I posed the question, “What if every vowel was a ‘oo’ sound?” And then I proceeded to try it out.

“Hooloo, Ooloox. Hoo oor yoo? Hoo woos yoor doonoor?”

There was much laughter and everyone kept trying it for a while that night. It was quite fun. You should give it a go right now. Go ahead and talk to the person next to you in Oovoon. See? Fun isn’t it?

Well, our one-year-old is learning to talk – and doing quite well – so she may have been laughing with the rest of us, but when I was talking to her, she felt the need to correct me.

“Oos thoot yoor booboo?” I asked.

“No. ba-by,” she said distinctly. “Booboo?” I replied. “No. No. BA-BY,” she insisted. This went back and forth for a while till I dropped it. She was certainly not going to. 🙂

We tried doing everything with a rolled ‘r’ last night, but that didn’t work as well. For now, we’ll stick with Oovoon as our family’s second language. 🙂

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