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SO… here’s our crazy story.

Last night, on our way to get some dinner (we were walking from our hotel to a restaurant around the corner) there was a man named George who was carrying a gas can, who approached us asking for some money to get gas. We listened and offered to help… and before we could do that, he mentioned the fact (as a reason to trust him) that he is a Christian. Ian said, "We are too!" 🙂 And we chatted a bit about what we do and he mentioned his church… and gave us his home number to call his wife and go to their church wed night. We said, cool. Thanks for the invite… and that was about it.

But, he was really serious, so, we called his wife today around noon, and she said some interesting stuff. She said something like "Did you witness to him?" and "He is running from the Lord". And just other funny stuff like that… anyway, she was very kind and very glad that George had met us and that he had us call her. We talked a bit about her church and us coming tonight and she said we should call her pastor about coming tonight… which was interesting 🙂 We were not really thinking about singing there, but she said we should talk to him…

So we did. We called, and got to talk to him for 3 minutes or so… and he ended the conversation with… well, come on down, and have someone point me out to you, and… bring your guitar. 🙂 HA! So… we ended up singing on a night we were not supposed to, because we met George.

Better than that… they were SO welcoming, and so fun, and so spirit-filled, and so loved Jesus and so excited about what God is doing all around them… and worship music was just fun… it was so great to be there!!!

They had us sing two songs, and share some stuff about the songs… and their band played with us! They were awesome! AND we closed the service too! ha! It was so great. So impromptu. So God. A divine appointment indeed.

All because of George.

Please pray for George. I am not sure how or what to pray – but we were asked to pray for him. I will tonight. And thank God for connecting us to him. Oh yeah, they are also going to send us some money to support our ministry! Ha!!!

All because of George.

(and his Father.) 🙂

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