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You know… it’s just very interesting that I am so… different.

Everything about me is usually the opposite of everyone else, or at least the opposite from what I am “supposed” to be.

We were are a men’s retreat this weekend (yes, all 5 of us… therein lies the first oddity…) and I just thought, this is SO not me. I am not a man’s man. I am not like these guys. I don’t have anything to discuss with them… and it’s all because they were at a manly thing for men.

I am all fine with being a man and stuff… there are plenty of ways that I am “manly”… but somehow that particular homogenous group made me notice again how different I am. 🙂

And most of the time I am OK with that, but there are definitely times that I notice it more, and wish I was not always so… different. Not that I want to be like everyone else – I don’t think I ever have wanted that or that it is even a potential emotion for me… 🙂 More just weariness of always being so … different.

But in the end, I think that is the beauty of God’s creation. No matter how many labels we make, no matter how many groups, classifications, organizations, cliques, brandings, etc etc etc… that we make… we are ALL unique. Every last one of us. We try to fit in (most of us) cause it somehow makes us feel like we belong. But really, we are all completely unique. And that’s a great thing!

There are those of us who are so weird that we can’t help but be noticeably different… (like me!) 🙂 And there are some who blend in a bit better… but really, we are all different.

There is amazing depth to that. We are created in the image of God… so how can we all be so different? What does that possibly say about the character, personality, and “uniqueness” of God? Might it say that he is a might bit more VAST and varied and not-pin-down-able than we like to categorize him as being? Perhaps…

All I am saying is, sometimes I grow weary of being “different”… but all I have to remember is that is exactly who God made me to be and there is Joy in that… there is jaw-dropping joy. The sheer immensity of his creativity is mind-boggling.

I am creative like my Creator. I am also quite willing to think outside of the box — again, like my Creator. Today, it’s just good to remember that God uses my weirdness to reveal his kingdom around me. So long as my focus is on him, he will be right there with me, applauding my weirdness. 🙂

Yours too! So go on… be weird! 🙂

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