The Arrogance of Youth…

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I finished the book of Job today… and they were talking about arrogance. Job was arrogant cause he said he was innocent. His friends were arrogant cause they seemed to know better than Job how he conducts his life. Elihu was arrogant cause he comes in as an outside observer (who is young, by the way) and makes grandiose claims about how smart he is.

I was noticing the past couple days just observing some folks who are younger than me… they’re somewhat arrogant. 🙂 Not bad. They are all good folks. But, they are more sure of themselves, more self emphatuated than perhaps they should be. 🙂 At first I was taken aback when I saw these minor comments or actions, but I just figured… they’re young. They’ll learn. You’re not as important as you thought you were.

I was never like that I bet.


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