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I just turned it off. Toward the end of the fourth quarter of the Atlanta/Philadelphia game… I just turned it off.

So far, only one out of 11 teams have won the 10 playoff games played. (Yes, I really wish it were possible for BOTH Pittsburgh AND New England to lose the game this afternoon badly!) 🙂

I just find it hard to root for teams full of arrogant players. Mouthy players. And, easy to root against them. The Steelers are the only team left to root for (sorry, Pittsburgh…) as they are not mouthy, they are just this year’s media favorite (like the St. Louis Rams of a few years ago) that I almost automatically have to root against… can’t go with the crowd, ya know…

One out of 11… that’s not good. Makes for a slightly frustrating playoffs.

If only the Bills had won that last game……..

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