It Is Done

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Well, I did it. I actually did it!

Last night, I clicked Finish Submission, and it was done. I got the happy little e-mail saying “Thanks!”, and it was done.

In 6 weeks or so, I should have the first copies in my hand.

A Journey Shared is now a reality! The book I mentioned a few posts back… is actually at the publisher, being formatted as I type! Whoopee!!!

It’s kinda hard to believe, but it’s true.

From theory to reality all in one week? Sometimes that is how I do things. Just ask Jen. 🙂

Well, they had a promotion going on where I could get 30 free books if the manuscript was submitted by last night. I was close, so I tried… and I did it! That means that with sales of those free books (100% profit), it will help offset the cost of publishing set-up. The rest of the books will be available through and Barnes & and such. (Also here at this website)

This is just too fun! Got my book writing juices going. We have one other work in progress, no, two… and one other one in the concept stage. And thanks to a comment below, perhaps a fourth one in the concept stage. 🙂 So there is plenty of material… but for now, we’ll focus on the first one…

A Journey Shared

A Journey Shared

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