"Our Lello House"

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More than three thousand miles, and nine states later, all Alex can think of is “our Lello House”.

(Our house is yellow.)

All those adventures, all the new people, even a two-day fun-filled excursion through the magical World of Disney… and all we want is our Lello House.

There is a familiarity to home that beckons our road-weary souls. Some envy our life of adventure, but often we long for their routine. Not completely, but there is a part in all five of us that just wants to return to our Lello House.

We have done and experienced quite a bit on this recent journey, with a major weekend of fun to come. But we are counting down the days till we once again pull up to our Lello House and sleep in our own beds. (And use my own office) 🙂

Just some thoughts from our three-year-old that were echoing in my head today.

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