Our Son, Jake

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We are really enjoying this break from the hectic life of organized Christianity these days. We don’t have all the meetings or rehearsals for the stage production, and we don’t have to all go our separate ways for hours each Sunday morning or the occasional Saturday night. It’s been nice… just a way that we really want to be together as a family. Even if we visit a Sunday morning gathering, we usually just go to the same place, not disperse as was our pattern previously.

This past Sunday, we did a similar thing. We sang one song for the first service, so Grandpa watched the kids in the lobby as we did, and the rest of the time we all hung out together in the lobby. But for the Sunday school time in between the two services, we decided to take the boys to their classes. After talking with many people, we were a bit late for the start of their classes, so it was a bit of an adventure getting them there, but we got there.

We dropped Kirstie off in the nursery just before the second service (so that we could be with my parents) and the boys were moved by other people to the appropriate rooms. Well, after the service, I went to collect the kids. That’s when the fun began.

I got to Alex’s classroom, and there were two adults (a man and a woman) and three kids including Alex in there. When I opened the door, the woman said, “Oh, you must be here for Jake!”

They did not know who I was, or who my offspring would be, so I thought nothing of it, and scanned the room for Alex as I said, “Nooo…” When I found him on the other side of the door I said, “Hi Alex!” To which the woman responded, “THAT’S your name!!!”

OK, now I was confused. 🙂

So they told me that the whole time he had been telling them that his name was Jake. Jake Campbell. They were both cracking up about this little boy, whom they were “pretty sure was not ‘Jake'” not once slipping and saying his real name! They asked several times, and tried to trick him into saying it even… but no luck. Jake he was.

The man said, “One time he even said, ‘I’m just pretending to be Jake.’!” Alex is way too funny. 🙂

So, all the stuff they did in the class has the name Jake on it. 🙂 That is soo funny!!! A classic Alex story. I am sure there will be many more.

From our little Jake. 🙂

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