Alex Campbell: 5 on the 5th

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Alex is 5 on October 5th!Today is Alex’s 5th birthday. Yup, he’s 5 years old on October 5th! Aunt Melissa calls this his “Golden Birthday”. I turned 30 a couple years ago on the 30th. I spent the entire day with my family… driving. 🙂 We were on tour, heading home from the west coast.

Well, today, we’re going to celebrate Alex’s “Golden Birthday” right!

It started last night with a free Birthday Burger at Red Robin. Fun! Just Dad and Alex. We had a blast!!! We played loud music in the van on the way there and back, and just sang and played and had a great time together. The food was fantastic, too! And Alex got the customary Red Robin birthday song sung to him by a bunch of RR waitresses. Very nice.

TODAY, being his actual birthday, here’s the planned line up for celebrating 5 on 5.

The party starts precisely at 5pm. That’s when we’ll head out for some fun. We’ll be doing 5 main things for the night.

  • Dinner will be one of Alex’s faves, a 5-piece chicken nuggets at Wendy’s. (With fries, of course)
  • Alex will get to play $5 worth of games at Chuck-E-Cheese (another Alex favorite!)
  • We’ll make a stop at Wal-Mart so he can get 5 Hot Wheels cars (yet another Alex favorite!)
  • Krispy Kreme will be on the list, where we’ll get 5 donuts (one for each of us, and again, an absolute Alex favorite!)
  • And the fifth thing for the night? A visit to the APPLE STORE!!! (no five here, just, the fifth thing, and something Alex wanted to do on his b-day.) 🙂

Should be a really fun night, with a really fun boy. If you haven’t met Alex, I really hope you get to. He’s one of the most fun people I know. Everytime I see him, he makes me smile. He has a great heart, and is super multi-talented. We’re definitely glad God chose to put Alex in our family.

Happy Birthday, Alex!!! We love you!!!


  1. Oh man! 33lb steak?!? Now that’s a steak!!!

    But see, the cool thing was that he was 5 on the 5th. I don’t remember your birthday, but I think it’s early september, right? So… in the early digits… you missed your chance there. 🙂

    Though, if it’s the third, you could do 33 on the 3rd, and play a bunch of old LPs at that 33 1/3 speed. And eat your 33 lb steak.

    But I’d like to be in attendance for that. That would be quite a spectacle to behold.


  2. You’re right. It’s the second. So I’ll have to wait until I’m 44.

    I’ll bench press 444 pounds for 44 reps.

    I eat a 44 pound steak.

    I’ll drink 44 beers.

    While wearing a John Riggins(#44) jersey.

    It’s good to plan ahead.


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