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I have been on vacation since Tuesday of this week and let me tell you, it has been fantastic! We came down to Dayton, OH area to visit with my parents, and attend our 10-year college reunion in Cincinnati. I also made sure to tell me clients I would not be in the office till next Wednesday, nor would I be available for any work on their projects. I have kept to that, and have so totally enjoyed the down time.

Especially the time with my boys.

We have played soccer, football, frisbee. We have drawn on the sidewalk, read books together on the swing (among other vacation-like spots), eaten great food, played with cars, video games and other toys. And I have seen how much they have loved it, maybe especially Alex, our four (almost five) year old. He just can’t get enough Dad.

We are taking one more week of vacation this year at the end of October and I already CAN NOT WAIT.

So, being on dial up, and also just mostly staying away from my regular routine, I have posted a fury of pent up thoughts and writings here today. Be sure to scroll down today as you visit the site. More to read than usual in a blog update. 🙂

Vacation will continue even though we leave Ohio on Monday. We will be meeing a friend for the first time (have emailed, and had severa phone conversations together). He has been through some similar stuff in his life to where we have gone, and we are looking forward to spending the day with him on Tuesday next week.

I’ll be back to a more normal routine on Wednesday, but untill then, I will likely maintain radio silence…

I’ll just be enjoying the break, as much and as long as I can!

Happy reading!

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