Working on The Book…

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No, not “The Book”. Just, my next book.

I am sitting in a coffee house for a couple hours today, reading through all my old posts from last year. I am thoroughly enjoying it, and looking forward to not only compiling and organizing, but just sharing these stories from the past year that I believe will encourage people in their current walk with Father.

I came upon this post from last February today, and thought I’d add a link to it here for you. In December, I had someone tell me they’re “not that religious” again, and as I read this post, I thought of that, and of all the people I know who try so hard to be good, and are missing the joy of the freedom we have in Jesus.

Don’t know if you’re burdened today, trying to keep up a good image for people, or even for God. But, perhaps this story will encourage you, too.

I’m Not That Religious

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