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We had dinner with some friends tonight who are back from Mozambique where they have been missionaries for quite a long while. It was a great night of good food and just enjoying time together.

Speaking of food, the conversation turned to food at one point. We began talking about how you make a nice grilled chicken salad in Mozambique. It’s not as easy as just going to the grocery store.

“First you have to kill the chicken!” said our African friend, to which we all laughed. She continued, “Oh, but first, you have to catch the chicken!!!” We laughed even harder.

Without missing a beat, her husband – the more seasoned veteran of life in Africa chimed in, “First… you have to find the chicken.”

At that point I just lost it and said, “THAT is going on my blog tonight!”

So far in life, I have not had to FIND my food. 🙂

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