Church Ball

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Church BallThis past week I happened to see a movie called Church Ball come across my NetFlix new release feed. The title alone is pretty funny, but the description was even more intriguing:

Fred Willard stars as a bishop intent on pulling together a winning team for his soon-to-disappear church basketball league in this comedy from Mormon filmmaker Kurt Hale. Included among the players on the ragtag squad are an Uzbek immigrant, an overweight baker and (most oddly of all) the diminutive Gary Coleman, who serves as the center for the team.

Believe it or not, though it was corny at some spots, it’s a pretty funny movie! We watched it with the boys and they loved it. It might be funnier to anyone who has been around “church”… so, since we have, we thought it was funny. 🙂

If you like silly movies, add it to the queue today!

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