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Home DefenseOn a recent visit to our town (OK, not that recent…) my Dad recommended the product to the right for our serious ant problem. Ever since we moved to Palmyra, we’ve had a serious ant problem. Every year, without fail. When it warms up, we are inundated with ants. Big, black, nasty ants.

So my Dad says, “Try ‘Home Defense’. It works great.” I thought, “Yeah, right…” We’d tried several remedies already, but he seemed convinced – so much so, that he bought the stuff for us – and we proceeded to apply the appropriate amount to the outside of our house.

Just tonight, as I was noticing how much food we leave out sometimes, and some of it – like the pot I made sweet tea in tonight – lined with sweet stickiness, I realized that we have had almost NO ants since applying Home Defense. (I have to say “almost” because I am honest to a fault. I’d say we have seen maybe 6 total ants since applying this, and before we did, we would have seen 6 ants per three square inches per hour!!!)

So, if you have ants… I can’t recommend this product enough! And, as with the DVD I mentioned below, if you click on the image above (or the text link) and purchase it from Amazon, they will give us a commission for that sale! Stop the ants, and feed Greg’s kids. What could be better? 🙂

(By the way, as always, whenever you click my amazon links, it takes you to that item’s Amazon page, but if you purchase anything on that visit to Amazon – even if I did not link you to it – Amazon will still pay me a small commission for any items you purchase! Sweet deal! There’s a link at the top of every GregsHead.net page that takes you to a little Amazon search page where you can begin your Amazon shopping, and they’ll give us a percentage of your total. So, if you would like to help feed our kids…….) 🙂 hehe.


  1. I’m totally with Dave…let me recommend nitril gloves and at least a 10 factor/half-face respirator with the appropriate filters for aerosol/repiratory path blockage when you apply this crap – those cheesy/fabric masks won’t do.

    Here’s a link I think will get you to the Material Safety Data Sheet…


    And dang…if you’ve got fish in/near your house, keep this crap away from them…the LC50 amount for aquatic species is really small.



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