Let It Snow! Keep It Coming!

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In all the busyness of my web design work, and my Buffalo Bills show, and everyday life as a family of six, I have not gotten to say HOW MUCH I AM LOVING THIS WINTER!!! (AND IT’S NOT EVEN WINTER YET!!!!) 🙂

Just after Thanksgiving, people had their Christmas lights up (and on at night) but the ground was still green. Well, just about my birthday, that all changed! We got snow… and it’s set up camp! Looks like it’s going to be around for a long while and that is GREAT NEWS!!

It makes the Christmas lights look a lot better, too. 🙂

It snowed all day today – another 6-7 inches maybe? It’s supposed to snow all day Sunday. And Monday. And probably more after that! Oh man! This is my kinda winter!!!

The cool part for me is that I work upstairs. I don’t have to get the snow off the car, or shovel the driveway, or DRIVE in the stuff. I just get to have a nice hot cup of whatever and LOOK at it! Whoohoo! Oh… and I get to make snowmen with my boys at 10:30 at night. 🙂 (See below…)

Bring it on, winter! This is why I live in upstate New York!!!! 🙂

Our late night snowman!

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