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I’m sure you’ll remember that we stood in line on the night that Apple released their new operating system—Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard—and got ourselves some snazzy t-shirts… well, we finally got the OS, too! I have installed it on my laptop, and it’s pretty neat. There are still many questions I have about it (Safari—the browser—crashes a lot, and the networking seems… fishy, among other things) but overall I do like a lot of the new features. Will be better when I can install it on my main machine here. (Too busy to risk doing that right now!!)

Besides Leopard there are a couple other items of interest I saw come across the RSS feed today…

Macs indeed cheaper than PCs
Multiplying Mac Trojan not epidemic yet

Yes folks, there are rumors of another Mac virus, and though I’ll admit to not investigating thoroughly, it’s still not the same as a self-propagating virus as you see infecting the Windows world. Not making excuses here, just trying to quell the shouts of, “Macs get viruses too!!!” Apparently there is a LOT of user input necessary for this virus to do anything. (Downloading, clicking, installing, etc.) And again, it’s not self-propagating.

So, interesting stuff if you’re a Mac fan.

And really… who isn’t? 🙂

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