.Mac Update Tomorrow?

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Apple Event August 7th, 2007
Well, it seems that along with the possibility of a new iMac, perhaps Apple will also announce a new version of .Mac, it’s internet service. For a long time now, people have not been too impressed with .Mac, because without much effort, you can find better versions of most of what .Mac offers across the world wide web – for free. What .Mac offers (and the reason we currently have two accounts) is integration of all of those things, for $99/yr.

At this year’s WWDC, some great new .Mac features were announced. The main one that caught people’s attention was the “Back To My Mac” feature that will allow users to access all the files (they choose to make availble) on their Mac – from anywhere! This will be extremely useful to anyone who travels with their laptop. (I’ll use it!!)

So, tomorrow morning, look for the planned .Mac updates, as well as, I suppose, those shiny new metallic iMacs!


(And, don’t forget, if you want one… let me know!) 🙂

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