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I almost put a question mark at the end of that title, but used my superhuman will power to resist the temptation. (Really. It was very tough! Not sure why I’ve been on a question-in-the-title kick of late.) 🙂

I was watching NBC’s Meet The Press this week (Via podcast, of course. I don’t really watch anything live these days…) and the episode was an interview with Senator Ron Paul, who is a Republican candidate for president. I watched a bit with my wife (before she fell asleep) and we both thought he was making some good points, but several things made it hard to really envision him as president, let alone think of actually voting for him.

(Mainly it was his whiny voice! Holy cow!)

I do like Mike Huckabee. When I hear him, he makes some good points. But there are a few financial things I’m not too sure about. I got to hear Mitt Romney. Not sure I like much about him, but he made some decent points. The interview I saw with him he was mostly just fighting off Mormon questions. Hey, I even like John Edwards and some of the things he has to say. (Can’t say I’d ever vote for him for president, but he has a few decent ideas.)

All of this just has me frustrated that I have to pick one of these guys (and maybe none of the ones I mentioned!) to be the next (one) president of the United States. I don’t think I like any ONE guy enough to vote for him in all good conscience.

That got me thinking…

What if we elected a group of three presidents or something? One from each party, and an independent one. I suppose that’s why we have the three branches of government… a similar idea. But I mean… how is one man supposed to represent all the people? Again, perhaps that’s the role of the congress… I’m just trying to land on a candidate I like, and the truth is there isn’t one. I like a lot of things about a few of them, but don’t like some things too.

Glad we still have 11 months to go…

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