Venezuelans Say NO To Chavez

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Venezuelan Coat of ArmsNot sure if you heard about the vote or not, but any mention in the news of my former place of residence usually catches my attention. There was a vote (yesterday, I believe) where current president Hugo Chavez was attempting to amend the constitution to remove term limits (among other things). He wanted to ensure that he could continue to run for – and win – the presidency. His ultimate goal is to move Venezuela from the democracy that it currently is to a socialist state – with him in command.

The vote was 51% “No”, so not overwhelming (and Chavez is spinning that to his advantage) but it was still ‘No’. This is a small victory, but still a victory.

I was just talking with a former elementary school classmate from Venezuela about the current conditions down there, and her response was, “He won’t last too long.”

I only have fond memories of Caracas. I mean, it’s a huge city, and I’m not too fond of huge cities now, as an adult, but what I remember from living there with my family is all good. I’m sure a lot of that goodness is still there, but it’s so sad to hear in the news, and from Venezuelan friends that it is not the same place it was when we left more than two decades ago. Maybe someday it will be again.

If you are interested, here are a couple articles I found today about the election.
Venezuela Rejects Chavez’ Power Play (CBS News)
Hugo Chavez tastes defeat in referendum (The Telegraph, UK)

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