Visitation Hours Are Over

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This weekend, we spent time with so many people!!! And I LOVED it!!!

I actually figured out that we spent twelve straight hours with friends yesterday. From 11am (ish) to after 11pm (ish) we were with three different families! Two of those were planned, then the third was a super cool surprise. And, you could even throw in our neighbors, too! (They were at Chill & Grill with us and our surprise visiting friends!)

You see, there are some regular readers to this blog (who usually don’t comment…) who know more about what’s going on or been going on in my life than I do! (Or, so it seems at times…) 🙂 These friends are some of those people.

So, they knew from my recent blog post that we were headed to Chill & Grill to end our day. Well, the stopped at our house first, and upon seeing our parking space empty (and confirming with our neighbors, who as I mentioned, happened to be also headed to Chill & Grill) they met up with us in the ice cream line at Chill & Grill!

Super fun times. 🙂

Well, we haven’t seen them in over a YEAR, so it was too short to just hang out at Chill & Grill! They came back to our place. We chatted. We chased kids. We chatted. We talked about kids. We chatted more, then had some Skyline. They are very easy people to be with. It was a fantastic end to a great evening. We were super beat, but it was all worth it!

So, when you count up the hours, I believe that we were visiting with people other than our immediate family for at least 22 hours from Friday to Sunday. Even for me, Mr. Social… that’s a lot!!! 🙂 Oh man! And if you throw in helping our friends move on Friday morning… we’re at least up to 24 hours!! 🙂

It was really a fantastic weekend!!! I don’t know if we’ll pack that many visits into such a short calendar space anytime soon, but the final weekend of July 2007 was a fun one for me! If you were part of that whirlwind of visits, thanks for spending part of your weekend with us, and we’re looking forward to the next time!

(If you weren’t, well, there’s always next weekend!) 😉

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