Weekend Visit

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I am tired and sunburned, but it was a really good weekend! 🙂

It began Thursday night, actually. My parents got into town (a bit later than they would have liked) and we went out for some ice cream at Chill & Grill. Nice! Actually, they ended up staying at our house and just chatting till after 11pm, which is very odd for my Dad at least… 🙂 That was a nice start to a fun visit.

On Friday we spent the day with them at their KOA campground site. They brought their big Arctic Fox trailer up and we hung out in that, but mostly outside. Yes, you read that right… OUTSIDE. If you know me, and perhaps know what our weather was like on Friday (mid 90s, and overpoweringly humid) then you know that is very out of the ordinary…

But, we weren’t going to let a little heat stop us! 😉

We played miniature golf… a LOT! We swam in the in ground pool… A LOT! We had pizza, Esther Price chocolate, swam, walked, completed and obstacle course, played on a playground, played football, swam, and played some more miniature golf! By the time we had done all that, it was time for a nice dinner at the Wegman’s Market Cafe. Then off to Sharks Custard & Candy for some great homemade ice cream to top off the evening! QUITE a day. Seriously beat at the end of that one!!!

Then on Saturday we moved the party to Palmyra, where Grandpa Tom could work on a few projects around our house. While he put up a gutter outside our back door, and leveled our stove, and scoped out a few future projects, Grammy helped do some deep cleaning in the kitchen, and I made some fantastic home-cooked meals. (Skyline for us, a nice vegetable-rich tomato sauce for Grammy & Grandpa, and a fresh Zucchini medley for lunch, then STEAKS on the grill and homemade mashed potatoes for dinner!) We played LifeStories during nap time, and then headed back to Chill & Grill to finish off the evening with some ice cream!! We were stuffed, to be sure!

Overall it was a full, but somehow relaxing and quite enjoyable visit. Thanks for coming up Mom & Dad! Always fun, and somehow particularly so this time!

To finish off the weekend, we spent most of today (it seemed!) over at our friends’ new home, celebrating their 10-year-old’s birthday! Lots of friends, old and some new… great foot, played some football, and just spent time chatting with friends. We also sang some of our stuff for about 45 minutes as well. It was a nice finish to the weekend. (Oh, we did take a dip in our neighbor’s pool after the party… then put the kids in bed a tad early after such a full weekend!!!)

As you can tell from the time of this post, I had some catching up to do on my blog, and on my Buffalo Bills site… as well as a pretty hefty amount of laundry and some dishes to do! That was the finish to my weekend!

If you have read all of tonight’s posts… you deserve a medal or something. Leave a comment to that effect and I’ll work on something…

For now… time to sleep!

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