Knight Rider – Again?

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I mentioned in a previous post that I am a fan of the 80s TV show, Knight Rider. I remember as a young lad having a cool little black t-shirt featuring K.I.T.T. flying through the air. Even had a little Hot Wheels K.I.T.T. of my own. Who didn’t?

Well, NBC has a Knight Rider sequel scheduled to air later this month. I’m not overly optimistic, based on recent “remakes” (Dukes of Hazzard???) but we’ll see. I’m not a fan of current TV, to be sure. Perhaps this one will be different?

(Yes, I am forever the optimist…)

Speaking of re-makes. I did watch a free episode of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles via iTunes a couple weeks ago. Actually… it was the first current TV show in recent memory that I have watched and kinda liked. (Well, besides Monk. Jen & I do really like that one.) I’m not sure I’ll pay to watch it. I might try and TiVo an episode or two. We’ll see. Surprising that I like a show made by Fox. Haven’t so far.

In other recently watched recommendations, I also watched the Rocky Balboa movie and liked it. How can you not like Rocky? (That was sort of a remake as well, I suppose!) And Jen & I watched We Are Marshall together. Both thought it was a very good movie. Just … sad, though. No way around the sadness of that story. Kinda sad and… inspiring? But… sad.

Stuff to stay away from? I decided to watch 2001: A Space Odyssey since I knew it was a classic and I think Netflix recommended it based on my Sci-Fi preferences. Well… I gave it two stars. It was very, very weird. The reason I gave it two was that it was certainly … creative? Yikes. Very strange movie. 🙂 I also got a free episode of a TV show called Kyle XY. I knew it was sci-fi themed, but forgot that anything from the ABC Family network is too… “drama” for me. Do not recommend.

Oh yeah. I also got to see a bit of what is apparently a classic – Krull. 🙂 Never heard of it, but my friend John was laughing at me for having watched it I think. 🙂 He described it as a cheesy Saturday afternoon, nothing better to show on TV kind of movie.

I’d recommend staying far away from that one as well.

And there you have, this week – or two – in entertainment from GregsHead! 🙂


  1. I’m happy it’s going to be a Mustang!

    Here’s some fun jumps.

    Kent pointed out that it’s interesting that they could find a way to fight crime by jumping that car in EVERY episode. Maybe our real law enforcement groups need more jumping Firebirds!

    It should at least be interesting.



  2. Ha! That’s a great link! ALL the jumps from the series in one 10 minute video! Classic! 🙂

    (Anyone notice that one jump that is the same spot as the Dukes of Hazzard county? When did the Knight Rider visit Hazzard county?) 🙂


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