Tecmo Superbowl ’06!

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Tecmo SuperbowlI can’t really believe this, but someone is making new versions of THE GREATEST VIDEO GAME EVER! My boys and I are quite excited to have found a 2006 version of the classic Nintendo game. But I just noticed today that they are working on (and have a sort of “beta version” of) a 2007 version! Ha!

This means that our Bills have Trent Edwards at QB, Marshawn Lynch tearing up the field, and Paul Posluszny striking fear in the hearts of opponents.

All at 8-bits. It’s a beautiful thing. 🙂

Not sure of the legality of it? (Are Tecmo, and the NFLPA sanctioning this?) But man is it fun. It would be so cool if they could somehow release current roster versions to play on an actual NES, not an emulator on my Mac. 🙂

But… anyway… for you classic gamers out there. Check it out! 🙂

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