The Intricacy Of Us

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I recently watched a Discovery Channel show titled 2057: Future Car or something like that. It’s more than just about the cars of the future. Really it’s about life 50 years from now. Projected by scientists and theorists who feel they are on the current cutting edge of technology and such sciences.

A good portion of the show was both fascinating and scary. It relates to the post below actually. The vision the makers of this show have of the future is a very, very “connected” future. Every aspect of life is interconnected to the others via a centralized network. Everything is known about everyone. The idea is that this makes life much safer, better, but… really? I think not. Maybe that helped me want to “disconnect” (see the previous entry).

Cars that automatically correct errors of human drivers, clothes that report your vitals to doctors every three minutes or so, cameras and GPS systems tracking everyone everywhere. Yikes.

Scariness aside, one segment that caught my attention was the part about robots. The documentary makers made no excuses in saying that robots are not ready for everyday use just yet. They are really hard to make work. There has been great progress, but it has been very slow-going, and very difficult. The interesting part to me was when they were trying to just get a humanoid robot to walk, the creators said, “It’s incredible how sophisticated the human body is, even just the balance it takes to take a step.”

How incredible we are! All these brilliant minds have spent years trying to make a machine that can do what a two year old can do! Amazing. It was fun to watch. I don’t doubt that we will progress and make something that can mimic human life more and more… but God has already done that! Holy cow. He’s just amazing, and I am blown away right now at his design, creativity, and his handiwork in general.

To think that there is no Designer, seems to me you are either just not seeing what I am seeing, or denying it, or maybe just stubborn. And I’m just talking about the intricacies of the human body and how it all works together. I don’t know the complete process of how we came into being, but I have no doubt just from what I have observed that we have quite intricately & skillfully been designed.

I’m not trying to start any arguments here, but as always comments/thoughts are welcome. It was just another moment today when I thought, “How can anyone think this is a sequence of events begun by random chance?” I think some might credit a universal “Life Force” rather than a being (God), but it seems the prevailing scientific thought precludes the possibility of a Designer… and that just seems so crazy to me.

I love that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. We are just amazing.


  1. The origin or beginning of the complex “design” you describe and the design itself are two very different things. Science has not definitively answered the question of the origin of life. Science has, however, shown that evolution is real. I think you need to consider the time-factor involved. If the beak of a finch

    can change over just a few seasons, why can’t YOU see that natural selection can evolve radically different species with complex physiology from the same parent organism over millions or even thousands of years? Why are YOU un-seeing or denying or being stubbornly close-minded to the point of decrying nature’s design capabilities?

    BTW, if you have any interest in that book, I can bring my copy up to lend you the weekend of the 4th.



  2. You know, I bet we’re just talking about differently same things. You even said, “Science has not definitively answered the question of the origin of life.” Maybe that’s the hang up right there. What was amazing me is the thinking that these things can just happen – these incredibly detailed, beyond our comprehension things – with no initial design. I think what I am seeing as design (and a Designer) is how these things got started. I’m cool with saying that part of the design is adaptation. But to me, the sheer intricacy of the design, of just us, but finches too 🙂 is “proof” that there’s a super intelligence behind all of this, to have made everything work together like it does.

    Looking forward to seeing y’all this weekend!


  3. The distinction I’m trying to make is that these “incredibly detailed” things do “just happen” by evolutionary processes such as mutation and natural selection, not supernatural designing/engineering. Though we don’t know how the simple, original living organism began, the branches of the resulting evolutionary tree have been influenced by environmental factors (e.g. meteor impact, random gene mutation) and advantageous traits are selected for, not designed, leading up to, over millions or sometimes as little as thousands of years, a complex organism. Not only don’t I think it’s hard to believe that complex organisms have evolved without supernatural design, I believe there’s proof of the processes responsible for that complexity.

    Hey, love to talk live about this and more this weekend…


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