The Issue Of Race

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Wow, that title is way to broad – and official – for this particular blog post. It’s accurate, but there’s obviously too much that can be and has been said on that topic.

Some friends of mine have been having a (mostly) civil discussion over Barak Obama’s recent speech on the issues of race in America. (Note: Please forgive any ignorance re: the content of that speech. It’s been a busy time around here! Haven’t gotten to hear/read the actual speech, just read/heard/seen snippets of reaction to it.) I did not really weigh in on the email discussion because of that, but after watching Meet The Press tonight, I do have some thoughts on the more general subject.

I am a white male. That fact (way beyond my control) might negate anything I say regarding “race issues” in the minds of some people. That’s too bad. I think that proves that those people are missing the point (though, I certainly understand how I could be as well).

There are no races. There. I said it. There is one race: the Human Race. Right? Are we all really different enough to say that we are actually different races? Really? ‘No’ is the correct answer. I will not go into (nor do I have enough understanding of) all the genetics and scientific rationale behind that statement, but I can pretty safely say, there are no races… just one.

So why do we perpetuate the race “card”? Why do any of us? None of the real people I do life with do. None. Not one. It never comes up. (Ha. Except maybe my brother-in-law… but he’s a different sorta fellow…) 🙂 It’s completely irrelevant. Actually, so is gender. People are people. At least, that’s how it is to me, and it’s my perception of how it is to my friends.

But that’s not what the media would have us believe. That’s not what many would have us believe. We watch a NASA podcast that almost every episode declares some amazing fact about how that very week the first “asian-american woman from kansas” did something in space, or the first “black man from russia over the age of 50” did something else. Just silly people. WE ARE ALL THE SAME. Our skin may look different, but why do we perpetuate the differences? They are subtle at best. Culture, tradition, and racism perpetuate this insane notion of “races”.

There are no races. Only one. We’re all one “race”.


So, I’ve heard he gave a great speech. I will at least read the transcript. But I wish Mr. Obama (whom I guess is “multi-racial”… isn’t that evidence that we are just one “race”?) would just ignore the race issue and talk about things that are more important to our country. I admit some naivety on this. I am not currently a “minority” group… but I hear that I soon will be. What then? Will “white” people be “featured” or “spotlighted” for their accomplishments simply because of their lack of pigmentation?

Seriously. I just don’t understand.

So, my thoughts tonight… admittedly random and probably not focused due to my brain, heart, and body being all about my ever-growing household this past week or so… but I think I have said here before that if we could ever stop labeling people, grouping people, seeing “races”… we’d be so much better off.

The craziest part is that we do it as an effort to help diminish racism, or to combat it… but it only fuels it. More segregation – even with the best of intentions – only perpetuates the thing we are trying to end. Until we can see that we are indeed one race, there will always be “racism”.

That’s how I see it, anyway.


  1. From what I have noticed, seen, heard, and been told… I am anything but typical. 🙂

    (and I mean that across the board, not specifically this blog post topic) 🙂


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