Unofficial Star Trek Movie

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This weekend I discovered an unofficial Star Trek movie, which was released over the internet, officially completing this month. It’s a three part series which you can watch online, produced by Renegade Studios, and actually has many familiar Star Trek actors in it, some even playing their familiar Star Trek roles.

The movie is called Of Gods and Men and was directed by Tim Russ, who played Tuvoc on Star Trek: Voyager. The story was written by two Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writers as well.

Even though you can tell it’s done on a much smaller budget, I have enjoyed what I’ve seen so far (about half way through) and wanted to spread the word. It was done, according to a wikipedia article as a “’40th anniversary gift’ from Star Trek actors to their fans” in 2006.

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  1. this was great it broght back many found memories for me as i grew up watching star trek since i was 5 years old and shhh i still do when i can find it.
    i have been and always shall be a star trek fan.

    thank you very much for doing this
    and please i hope to see more wonderful work like this.

    kurt nichols


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