Light. Eat!

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Emma CarolineEmma, our 21-month-old daughter, woke up yesterday with an upset tummy. It wasn’t awful, but she did a “dry heave” and definitely was not herself. I felt so bad for her, but also just could not figure out where she had gotten any sort of a stomach bug from?? We hadn’t been around anyone who is sick for, well, as long as I could remember. (And, as far as I could remember, you don’t get stomach bugs without some sort of contact with it.)

Emma was OK for the rest of the day. A little extra sleepy at nap time, but OK. And I kept trying to think of maybe what she ate that made her not feel well, or what could have caused this for her. Couldn’t land on anything, though.

Until Jen laid her down for her nap.

“Light. Eat!” said Emma to Mom.

“What?” said a confused Mom. When Emma repeated her story, Jen noticed that one (or two) of the Christmas lights strung around the window by Emma’s bed was clear white instead of blue.

Yes, that’s right. The source of the sickness was (apparently) a Christmas light that looked a little too much like candy.

(This from the child who also once put a dead bumble bee in her mouth.)

Emma woke up in the middle of the night last night, still not feeling very well, but appears to be feeling herself again this morning. Yuck. I think we feed her pretty well … well enough that she shouldn’t need to eat Christmas lights for a snack…

But, just in case. They have been moved.

Light… Don’t eat!

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