Music Added to our Library in 2008

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And, just for fun… been listening to our “Added in 2008” playlist the last could days. Here’s a sample of some of the music we added to our collection in the calendar year 2008. (Again, random order.)

  • Chris Tomlin: Hello Love
  • Santana: The Anthology
  • Wings: Wings Greatest
  • Derek Webb: The Ringing Bell
  • Chris Rice: Short Term Memories
  • Paul McCartney: Give My Regards to Broadstreet
  • Sixpence None The Richer: My Dear Machine EP
  • Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken: Ampersand
  • Alex Mejias: Alex Mejias
  • Michael Jackson: Thriller (with video!) 🙂
  • Watermark: The Purest Place
  • Sandra McCracken: Gravity | Love

And some other stuff, too. 🙂

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