Big Weekend with Glenn Beck in DC

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Glenn Beck's Divine DestinyIn case you have not heard by now, Glenn Beck has planned an event of monstrous proportions to be held this weekend on “the mall” in Washington, DC. The main event is Saturday, and is called “Restoring Honor“. The secondary event is tonight at The Kennedy Center for the Arts (I think that’s what it’s called) and is called “Divine Destiny“.

The thrust of both events is restoring honor to our lives as individuals and subsequently as a country primarily through a deep and foundational (and transformational) faith in God. (The Saturday event will also feature honoring our military, specifically a group called Special Operations Warrior Foundation that helps the families of soldiers who were killed in battle.)

You’ll hear various versions of what goes on there, but if you want to actually know what Glenn Beck is calling Americans to—and you’re not in or planning to be in DC tonight or tomorrow—you can for just $10, by purchasing an Insider Extreme membership.

Beck’s Insider Extreme, which allows subscribers to access 60 days of his radio show content (audio or video) as well as dozens of documentaries (most are pretty short) that his staff have produced, as well as access to his monthly magazine, live events, “Beck University” (hour-long lessons on “faith”, “hope”, and “charity” from three different professors), and a lot more, actually.

Insider Extreme is $10/mo or something like $75/year. It’s a ridiculously good value for all that you get.

This post sounds more like a commercial than I intended it to, but I really would love for you to hear what he says tonight—especially if you think Glenn Beck is just a “right wing” spokesperson who is also only a greedy capitalist who will whore himself out for whatever will get him the most money. (Oh, or if you think he’s just trying to convert the whole country to Mormonism…)

On the contrary, I think Glenn Beck is just a guy who started reading … and discovered that his country is not what it used to be … but that it could be once more. Not through government reforms (from the top down) but through changed (restored) lives of its citizens.

The Restoring Honor event this weekend is free, so if you can get to that, you can hear what he’s trying to get America to hear … and he won’t make a penny!

Just wanted to make sure all readers are aware of the event, and if you get a chance … either get out to it, or subscribe to Insider Extreme (even if just for one month) and check out what Mr. Beck is saying. I’m not sure how we can restore honor in this country, but we’re hoping it starts right in our home, and then our kids’ homes … and so on.

I hope that’s happening in your home as well.

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