Campbell: Supports The Government

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Campbell of Argyll TartanI am a Campbell. My lineage traces back to Scotland, and Clan Campbell of Argyll. We have use Gaelic names for some of our kids. I used to own some bagpipes. I even have a kilt, I think.

Plenty of good Scottish heritage here!

So today, a friend (who, coincidentally, usually only refers to me as “Campbell”) told me that she and her daughter were studying Scotland this week, and not only did they find Clan Campbell in there, they found an interesting paragraph as they were reading the history of the tartans.

“While the recruits were drawn from all parts of the Highlands, in the main they tended to come from clans that supported the government, in particular the Campbells, Munros, and Grants.” [emphasis mine]

(If you know me, and/or read this blog, you’ll likely find that quite ironic as well.)

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