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Glenn Beck Insider Extreme Free PreviewGlenn Beck announced today that his paid content will be available for free as a two-day trial. This is a great chance to see the short documentaries that he has been making covering subjects like US history, biographies on the Founding Fathers (Samuel Adams, George Washington).

We in the Campbell home have really enjoyed watching them and been inspired to look deeper into the history of our country from the topics covered in these documentaries.

Usually, the “Insider” access is a paid service (roughly $75/year) but, as I said, this is a good chance to see what Glenn Beck is really saying, for free. 🙂

(Also included are access to his magazine, the video cast of his daily radio show, and/or audio podcast of the show, sans commercials, and I think some more stuff. Check out the link for more information.)

We recommend. I think lots of people have the wrong idea about Glenn Beck. He’s discovering for himself, and sharing what most people in our country want: the real values of character, integrity, honest, courage… and not any party affiliation. For too long, discussions of policy and politics for our nation have been politically driven, played according to party-line rules. Blah. There are so many problems with our country … it’s not just politics, and political solutions are not the answer. The only thing that will fix the brokenness of our people is to change who we are. To fix ourselves, to educate ourselves, and to live out those values.

Glenn Beck is not the answer, but he’s become a great resource and inspiration toward that end. Don’t just believe what you’ve “heard” about the man… check it out for yourself.

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  1. Ok Greg, I am checking him out. Diving in and “seeing for myself” if you will! What if *gasp* I agree with something my dad does?!? 🙂 thanks for the tip, I will let you know what I think. Because I know you sooooo care what I think about this!


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