Kirsten’s Daily Schedule

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Kirsten's Daily Schedule

This was just too cute not to share.

Today I found this piece of paper on our kitchen table. It would seem that Kirsten is as fond of lists as Mom (or at least, becoming so). Jen is absolutely a lover of lists, and perhaps this little paper is evidence of that budding love in Kirsten!

The cutest part is how much she loves having email, too 🙂 Her older brothers both have their own accounts on our family iMac, and just Sunday Kirstie got her own, too! She’s very excited, and loves that she has her own email (mostly for sending pictures and notes to her Grandmas) 🙂

It sure is fun growing up! (Until you actually get to the grown up part, then you wish you weren’t any more)

But for now… for Kirsten… it’s fun! 🙂

(What is extra fun is that this schedule may have also been inspired by her Uncle Andy who was just here for a visit on Friday and Sunday. I think he’d be rather fond of a schedule that was: TV, nap, Check my Email, TV.)

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