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I have been reading a lot lately. As much as time allows. Before, after, and in between managing all of my website clients as well as six children and time with Jen… plus friends and family… it doesn’t seem to add up to much! But today, when I updated the list of what I’m reading, going to read, and have read… I can understand why I hardly can find time to post here!

In case you have missed it, I added a tab a few months ago in the top navigation of this website titled “Currently Reading/Watching”. When you click that it takes you to a separate website (which you can access directly by going to reading.gregshead.net) that displays all of the books I am reading, or want to read. It’s fairly extensive, but also fairly easy to navigate.

The little video above is a fun way to “show” you how to get there. (And how to navigate once you do go there).

The bonus part is, if you find any of those books interesting, and decide to purchase them from Amazon, I will receive a commission on anything you purchase (even other things you add to your cart from Amazon with the same order). So you find some good new books, and Amazon contributes to the GregsHead.net fund! (It’s not a very large commission, but every bit counts!) 🙂

If you have any recommendations for books to add to my “In The Queue” section, please let me know. Always open to suggestions!

Happy reading!

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