[From The Archive] I Want To Be God

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Highlighting Articles from the GregsHead.net Archives!Posting an often lengthy entry per day here at GregsHead.net has been an enjoyable task, but also in ways a daunting one. I really have enjoyed it and the exercise has been good for my mental as well as emotional/spiritual health. I have enjoyed reconnecting with you, the reader. (But I’m sure my extra twenty-five thousand words per month are a good chunk for you to add to your reading list, too.)

As I’ve been tidying up my blog—adding features, rearranging things—I have also come across some things written a year or two—or seven—ago that have been a joy to rediscover. Whether inspired afresh by a poignant thought, or had a heart made light by a big laugh, reliving the memories and emotions that were present at the time I wrote those words down has been very enjoyable.

I’ve mentioned a time or two that a nifty tool for drilling down through previously published content on this website is the Related Posts section right at the end of every post. What is extra useful about this tool is that the content is similar to what you’ve just finished reading.

And, I’ve also mentioned that one of my intentions for the Facebook page for this blog (facebook.com/gregsheaddotnet) is to publish links to things previously published here: a journey through the archives. I will most likely continue to do that.

But a thought occurred to me today. What if I would have at least one “break” day per week where I post a link to a previously written article or entry that I think might still have some relevance, some value? Might that be a good way for me to have one day of rest from writing, but still have a “fresh” post here to read, not to mention that it’s a great way to dig through things already said that might be worth hearing again?

I think it just might be!

And thus is born a new series. Your first “From The Archive” post comes from August 25th, 2005. The title is I Want To Be God. By far the best part is, I really did find this quite “randomly” (just a few clicks, when I wasn’t even looking for a piece to repost) but it’s something I’ve been thinking about again, from several different angles.

Maybe God is trying to gently remind me of something? Probably. He’s so good at gentle. And reminding.

Maybe thinking to do this (reposting from the archives) is just the right gentle reminder he has in mind for you, too.

Enjoy. And relax.

You’re not God, either.       <-------click the link there to read the article From The Archive!

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