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Highlighting Articles from the GregsHead.net Archives!This week’s From The Archive was chosen from one of several posts I found that had elements of this theme of “the illusion of control” that has been swimming around my thoughts for some time now. Each of the articles previously published had at least some small perspective on the idea that we are not in control (or that life is better when we realize and live that).

Is peace something that I can achieve? Or is it a natural by-product of trust? Perhaps once my focus is off of my needs and my life and my problems, then I can know the peace. Peace might be at the end of my resigning control to the One who is actually able to control life. And who loves me more than I probably love myself. He loves me, and he loves my family, and he knows what we need, and for all the years I have known him, he has never—not once—left us in need. Never.

I chose one titled Peace, though, that seemed to encapsulate most of the recent threads of thought weaving through Greg’s Head.

The above quote stood out to me from that post. Again this idea that the less we are focused on ourselves and our needs and wants, the more possible it is for us to be free. But the best (the only?) way to rid ourselves of this self-focus, self-centered view of our world is to allow our trust in Father to grow. (And that only comes from knowing him better, and more… which comes from living life with him.)

I wonder what level of this I understand right now. It seems to make a ton of sense to me in concept, and even at times in practice. However, as I’ve said before, when God seemingly keeps a certain thought or theme in front of me for long periods of time or repeatedly over time, my natural conclusion is that I haven’t yet understood, at least in practice (if not also in theory).

I hope that you have the peace that I write about here. That your heart trusts him so that you are able to let go of your need to be master of your own dominion, your own life… and let him lead you in the full life he wants for you; for us all.

Peace to you today, reader. Enjoy this piece From The Archive: Peace.

Since I referenced a whole slew of articles on this theme, why not link to them here? If you have the time—and/or desire?—click below!

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