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Greg Campbell - - BlogFor a few years now I’ve been trying different ways to share content from this site with friends and others on Facebook. First, back in the day, I imported RSS items as “Notes”. That presented a few problems as some items (videos in particular) were not imported, and I think some of the notes were truncated. I only learned that after many incomplete posts. It was like I never finished a story! 🙂

Then I found NetworkedBlogs, an app that was more feature-ful, allowing me to have people sign up to follow my blog on Facebook. It would also automatically post the blog as a link on my Facebook wall. Neat. And better still, you could see all the formatting of my site (including the missing items from the first way mentioned above.)

The one drawback was that (at least originally) people needed to allow access to their information in order to “follow” me using this app, and I wasn’t sure if anyone was even seeing the posts anyway since it wasn’t me, but an app that was posting the links.

So, I decided to make a page for my head!

The official Facebook page is conveniently located in your browser at (Easy enough to remember…) My plan is to not only more easily promote content from this site via that page (the daily posts) but also to have some other fun interactions there like a quick link, a video, a follow up on something I wrote about on the blog.

It’ll be like the bonus coverage for! (I know… it’s what you’ve always wanted.)

Also, I do plan to offer a way to purchase my three published books there, as well as any that I may publish in the future.

It’s your one-stop-Greg-the-writer shop! (Again, definitely what you’ve always wanted… right?) 🙂

If you are encouraged, challenged, inspired—or, confused?—by things you’ve read here, and you’re a Facebook user, I’d appreciate you “liking” my page and joining in the additional conversation there. It will be a nice way to keep in touch, keep up to date, and keep … the change?

And of course, feel free to use the convenient “share” and “like” buttons on posts to allow other folks to see things posted here and join in.

Thanks for reading, and I always welcome responses/rebuttals. Now there’s another place to leave them.

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